Spam: Got Pruned? reCAPTCHA defense.

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Spam: Got Pruned? reCAPTCHA defense.

Postby site_ml » Mon Dec 05, 2011 6:12 am

Two things happened recently: the past month or so the board's been flooded by spam bots, and recently got to ridiculous proportions where my email was starting to get spammed with failure of delivery emails. This did NOT make me a happy camper. I shut off the forum, and went in to prune all the baddies. First did it by hand, which took me a while, but then realized there's a better way... and they were gone in a few clicks. Total time it took them to spam my board: circa 1 month. Time it took me to remove all the junk? 1 hour. If I had known of the pruning in advance? 1 minute. Anyhow, the other thing I did was I signed up for the reCAPTCHA thing Google has, and enabled it on the board. Good luck for the baddies wanting to get in now.

In other news, the site IS now operational 24/7.
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